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ImageHuman beings live for power – the one force that drives them is power over everybody else if they can achieve it. Every other emotion, motive, intention, goal is a camouflage to conceal the inherent need for power. We see it in mundane quarrels when children compete and call it ‘play’, to the vicious machinations of war-mongering Godfather countries when they call it ‘peace keeping’.

I had a white colleague, who once expressed her contempt for Indian women who walked behind their husbands with their heads covered… I remember saying to her, ‘darling you have no idea what power those apparently docile Indian women wield over their men…the guy will never leave her for a 100 beauties, whereas your women worry even after 30 years of marriage about being ousted by a trophy wife. So some kinds of power are not always packaged as confidence or even as economic independence.

Indian men are suppressed like crazy and so are women. It’s the old wielding power over the young by taking full advantage of the culture card where age in India is revered. It has also effectively suppressed natural hormonal urges in the young in the name of morality and culture, to ensure they don’t have what we didn’t get. Age has been handed the highest offices to be run in the name of ‘experience’ and they are above blame and chastisement because they are …well.. old.

ALL men- white, black, brown, yellow…. love docile women though none will admit to it. Docile is often couched in phrases like ‘someone who will love me’.. ‘understand me’.. ‘take care of me’ etc.  In all cultures men have held power in their own ways… socially..morally.. through religion…tradition…political, workplace monopoly… etc….. No need to single out one single race …it’s a gender dominance thing. The Taliban is an example of the ugly fundamentalist face of this power gone mad.

Knowledge is power and people have used it selectively to boost their lot and keep it safe from competition in the name of caste and birth. Again religious cards have been played to ensure there would be no revolt. Education is competition, which means getting ahead and being at the top by all and every means, including loss of childhood.

Children are vulnerable and helpless so it is easy to condition them socially and emotionally and sow the seeds of prejudice in their little hearts. This is often done in the name of ‘culture’ and  ‘education’. Their sexual conditioning happens in moral science classes and in their lack of proper sex education. We ensure power over the next generations by devious methods of Huxlian type of mind control. Cripple their minds or confuse them and they wont revolt.

Corruption is the name for power that one group exercises over another – who find themselves in a state of political, economic, legal, situational helplessness. It is also the flip side of the coin where people use dishonest means to rise to positions of power to suppress the rest. It is a vicious cycle of give and take in order to rule. A macabre game of musical chairs where power is the stake.

Religion is the name for power through mass social conditioning. It is anchored on, and taps into hope, fears, blind faith in devotees, even with the promise of gain in the after life.  The keepers of the keys to the house of God have consistently wielded economic, social and political power in the name of the other world. In some places they cannot be distinguished from the face of terrorism.

Commerce is the power of money which is called ‘business’ and frees the man to exploit, undercut, grab, squeeze as his position in time and history permit him to do. The range goes from the bartering of toys on children’s playground to the economic embargos on the political playground.

Love comes in a variety of hues. Love is the name of the power that is held by the beautiful, the intelligent, the successful, the manipulative, the lustful, the cruel, the criminal etc. Love of God being the most amorphous and intangible power is the most loudly expressed one, among loves. It is a love that allows the devotee to bask in reflected light of the highest source of power. Power empowers – as does charity – even when it is personal and private.

Power rules. It is not always blatant as in dictators who have crushed through genocide or the arrogant and irresponsible use of natural and animal resources.  Race, gender, economies, commerce, cultures vie for power and it is often manipulated in latent and surreptitious language and behaviour, thus rendering it benign to those who take it at face value. Sometimes you just have to scratch the surface at other times you have to dig deep. Always, at the bottom POWER lies like a foundation stone to the edifice of all that we are apparent in human life.

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