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Things They Don’t Teach You At School

Things They Don’t Teach You At School

Early in life you learn what stress is about because schools have demanded knowledge and skills beyond your brain readiness and your helpless parents have passed on a crippling anxiety into your tiny mind.

If you crossed that hurdle, comparisons by both your ‘loving’ parents and the teacher, have together made you feel inadequate and troubled for not being up to the class level.

They – all adult stakeholders- teach you through example to take short cuts to reach an exam or test, that the teacher is always right – that power is about trampling the little people, that authority is to be obeyed without question, and that injustice cannot be fought.

Your answers are required to reflect the textbook or notes given to you, so you don’t know what ‘original’ means. They don’t value resourcefulness and ingenuity in the projects you do, hence they teach you not to value them. Malpractices encouraged with rewards because there is laziness in those who evaluate assignments or keep their convenience above probity – show you that there is much to gain in buying one’s credits.

They teach you that people at the top can be unreasonable and unfeeling, but they should be feared, that one might feel upset at what one perceives as unfair but one must smile and shower false praise. That success is about creating exclusivity. That safety is in relinquishing one’s dignity and voice.

They don’t teach you how to stand alone and be comfortable with it, they don’t aid you in creating a personal value system that will give you balance, equanimity and peace, they don’t teach you that all people are unique and special.

They don’t tell you through example that respect, compassion and resilience are the biggest virtues you can acquire in this world.

You have no idea when to speak and when to hold your tongue, or how to seek help appropriately or how to patiently wait to hear the viewpoints of another, or to know that not to express an opinion does not alter the fact that you have one.

They don’t teach you how to fix a fuse, how to cook a light health meal, how to manage your finances, or what the basics of law are for understanding your rights, or how to have a routine workout for good health.

You learn about the human body in detail, but they don’t dwell enough on the diseases that will visit you in middle age because of habits you are forming at present.

They do not teach you to write letters that are worded well enough to get your through a negotiation, a persuasion, a proposal. You strain to learn languages that you will eventually hate because you have not learnt them pleasurably through songs and conversations, jokes and films. They have not used history to discuss human foibles and aspirations or geography to celebrate spaces and cultures or science to create curiosity in everything or math to marvel at the magnitude of scales.

They don’t teach you that the value of women in a society is the measure of its culture. They don’t teach you the difference between infatuation and love or the responsibility of relationships, they fight shy of sex education.

They don’t teach you integrity in recompensing without hesitation when you have not delivered, or of keeping your word in all circumstances, or the art of saying no, or the obligation of conveying refusal.

They teach you art but not the dress sense to be attired aesthetically, they try to make you a musician or a dancer or a sportsman but do not give you enough exposure to simply appreciate these for future leisure.

They are busy teaching you all that you can learn on your own and all the stuff that is already there – at the flick of a mouse on the net. They have developed neither curiosity nor wonder about the world you live in because you have spent your youth, not observing, exploring or creating value in the world, but sardined in tutorials all days of the year cramming facts into your overheated brain for a short –term benefit and a long-term meal ticket. You do not believe there is any other way out, so the law of unknown possibilities that should free you, will never be yours.

They shape your beliefs, values, choices, and perspectives to ensure a mute and obsequious compliance. You begin to view money and power as ultimate requirements for a fulfilled life. You lose the power to choose because you have lost the ability to think independently, because that was never allowed.

In small and big ways, by acts of commission and omission, by direct threats and implied value judgements, schools – nay adults, recreate their own worlds wanting it to be peopled by their own images, even as they collectively denigrate and “seek” betterment. They teach hypocrisy.

There are exceptions of course. Hope your school is one.

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