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Night comes mourning the death of the day and sits brooding over the huddle of the forests and undulating fields. It embraces treacherous mountains and settles on the babbling brooks, it ravishes the gigantic seas that cower beneath it and complain in a mutter of waves.


Night comes in a silken caress and strokes the aching limbs of swollen lovers, who arch one more time to the heaving music of its velvet shadows.


Night comes in an arrogant stride and falls back as the lighted streets cast neon glares on empty streets and drives it back to the edges of the barren plains and misty hills.


Night comes in blotches of pitch to hide the murky shame of nocturnal haunts, the cracked laughter of audacious whores, the blessed inebriation of compulsive drunks and the diseased wounds of homeless waifs.


Night comes like an avenging messiah to protect its minions, the army of life that crawls and creeps and glides and hops to its celebratory tunes and toasts.


Night comes as an inky accomplice to shroud the dark deeds of those whom the light indicts as anti-social, criminal and base. They transact in cloaked cunning, sharpen their tools, and sell their wares in stealthy glee.


Night comes howling with storm and rain to applaud the witching hour for ghosts and ghouls and their companion  bats, rats, cats, owls, snakes and roaches. It greets the netherworld of vampires, voodoo men, banshees and jasmine laden yakshis in placid moonlit groves.


Night seeps in, casting cobwebbed shadows of fatigue and fitful smudges of sleep on minds weary of the day’s sore labour. Night soothes the ear with the music of crickets and the rhythmic croak of toads, relieving the mind of the clamour of the day’s plastic sounds.


NIGHT! Black as ink, as ebony, as pitch, as despair, as guilt, as sin, as death.


Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night.    Krystal Nacht.     The Parting of the Yamuna.   The Burning  of Holika.        Halloween Night.   The Trojan Horse.    Nav Ratri.    Alexander kills Poru.    Silent Night Holy Night.


Night the only Mother of the New Born Day. 

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